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JP Tech owns the crystal bar production technology and equipment, and current annual capacity is 12 MT in JP Tech China facility, and JP Tech US facility’s capacity will be 20MT. If the market requires more capacity, JP Tech can quickly complete capacity expansion in three months.

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    JP Tech produces the high quality hafnium crystal bars. Our quality management system and product purifications meet the strictest expectation of customers in aviation and IGT industries. Our product withstands the extreme (high temperature) working conditions required by customers.

    JP Tech owns hafnium crystal bar production facilities in both the USA and China. JP US facility is in New Jersey, and JP China facility is located in Nantong City of Jiangsu Province, which is about one hour driving distance from Shanghai. JP Tech’s current hafnium crystal bar production volume accounts for about one third of the world annual output.

    JP Tech’s US facility is located at 2150 High Hill Road, New Jersey 08085 of the United States.


    JP Tech continuously recruits production operators in the US facility and China facility. JP Tech also hires high quality engineers and sales persons from time to time.

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